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Bachelor of Islamic Studies with Honours
(Theology and Philosophy)

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Programme Learning Outcome

Duration of Study Based on Modes 

(9 Semesters)

(27 Semesters)

(15 Semesters)

(45 Semesters)

1 year of study = 3 semesters

(14 Semesters)

(45 Semesters)

(5 Semester)

Programme Structure for Coursework Mode

Students are required to take courses as follows:

* Subject to the MUET Band. The credit for students owning Band 2 is 124 credits, while Band 3 and above is 122 credits.

List of Courses


Compulsory (University) (22 credits)

** For International Students Only.


Compulsory (Faculty) (37/39 credits)

*** LMCE 1052 students who get MUET Band 2/CEFR A2-B1 only.

Core Courses (42 credits)

Elective Courses (21 credits)

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