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Open & Distance Learning at UKM

Our Open & Distance Learning (ODL) programmes provide unparalleled flexibility, delivering comprehensive and interactive learning materials alongside self-directed learning strategies. With our highly skilled and professional lecturers, we ensure students receive excellent education, fostering the optimal learning experiences that ODL can offer.

Black and White Earth


Learning transcends boundaries of time, place, and method, occurring anywhere, anytime, and in any way.



Study entirely online and without having to be on campus


Multiple Modality

Various delivery methods include synchronous

face-to-face meetings and asynchronous interactions


Self-Instructional Materials

Access complete learning materials & interactive activities through our  learning management system (LMS), designed specifically for distance learners

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Enrol yourself in our ODL programmes






The application for our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are opened throughout the year.  Applications received after the closing date will be processed and offered for next coming semester.

Our ODL programmes operate in three semester per academic year (September, January and May).

Academic Programmes

UKM offers accredited academic programmes through the following mode of deliveries:


Consists of on-campus and off-campus programmes that require compulsory physical attendance to
the campus/learning centres. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the physical classes are
replaced by online/synchronous sessions and it is considered a temporary measure and permitted
by the MQA until the end of 2022.
So, if you prefer flexibility and find it challenging to attend the compulsory
physical classes, then ODL mode is the best option for you.

Open and Distance Learning (ODL)

Offers flexibility through a fully online approach in order to remove learning barriers due to high
commitments pertaining to career, family, personal or communities.

Why ODL?


In line with rapid development in technology for education, teaching and learning in higher education institutions are no longer dependent on traditional delivery methods. Hence, various technology and online applications available nowadays have opened up to more fun and engaging learning activities for learners. More student-centered learning is achievable.

Through our ODL programs, learners will be exposed to active learning as well as self-learning. Throughout the study process, learners will interact with peers via online discussion threads and engage themselves in in-depth discussions with lecturers through synchronous and asynchronous meetings.

Open & Distance Learning has become a prominent approach that caters to students, especially working adults. At ODL UKM, we are trying our best to re-design our programs and their implementation to suit our learners' actual needs.


Our Learning Management System is designed to provide a self-exploratory approach for learners.  Topics in each course are arranged to provide a constructive learning journey from start to end. The monitoring system in our LMS allows learners to self-check their progress from time to time.


Are you currently exploring options to further your education?

Are you thinking about enhancing your knowledge and advancing your career without compromising your work-life balance?

Excited to study flexibly from home while staying committed to family, personal, and community?

Are you interested in signing up for an online learning program from a top university?

Join us for a rewarding online learning experience  at


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